Brady-OCallaghan All my life my parents have inspired me with a strong work ethic and conservative values. I have worked hard as your Assistant District Attorney serving the people of Caddo Parish and bringing justice to the victims of crime in our court system. I have the right experience, education and knowledge of the law to be the kind of judge that you can trust to do the right thing in every case.

I am asking for your support and your vote to continue that service to you and your family as a District Judge. I pledge to continue working hard to make sure that everyone receives justice in the most fair and efficient manner possible.






          SOME OF BRADY O’CALLAGHAN’S CASES           


 State v. Holmes (February 2006) and State v. Coleman (February 2012)

Holmes and Coleman were both convicted in separate trials of first degree murder for the January 2003 home invasion murder of retired pastor Julian Brandon.

The couple, captured here in ATM footage attempting to use one of the victim’s bank cards, invaded the Brandon home in North Shreveport, shooting Reverend Brandon and his wife and continuing theattack on Reverend Brandon with knives.  Both were convicted and sentenced to death.  Evidence at both trials also implicated them both in the death of another local man, Terrance Blaze.  The Caddo Parish Sheriff’s Office conducted the investigation.



State v. Cope

Cope was convicted of first degree murder for the October 24, 2010 murder of SPD Sergeant Timothy Prunty as Sgt. Prunty was checking in on a clerk at the Circle K on Bert Kouns at Dean Road.  Cope was apprehended by SPD officers shortly after the crime and received a sentence of life in prison without parole.



State v. Dorsey (May 2009)

A Caddo Parish jury took one hour to return a sentence of death for defendant Felton Dorsey on May 28, 2009. Dorsey was convicted of first degree murder in the beating death of retired Caddo fire Captain Joe Prock. Prock interrupted Dorsey and another man, Randy Wilson, while they were robbing the home of his 79 year old mother. Joe Prock was bound and beaten, and he and his mother were left to die in a house fire set by the men. Mrs. Prock escaped and summoned help.  The Caddo Parish Sheriff’s Office, with the help of numerous other agencies, investigated the case and apprehended Dorsey and Wilson.


joshua parker

State v. Parker (May 2012)

Joshua Parker was convicted by a Caddo Parish jury of second degree murder for the shooting death of Philip Livigni on the grounds of University Elementary School when the two met on a summer Saturday.  Parker shot his victim in the back.  Parker has been sentenced to life in prison at hard labor without parole.


 State v. Robinson (February 2010)

Lisa Robinson was convicted of second degree murder for the stabbing of a Barksdale airman after the victim and his girlfriend let her stay in their apartment while out of town.  Robinson had been caught by the couple using their credit cards fraudulently and had been asked to leave their apartment, but returned and attacked Airman Richard England.  Robinson was sentenced to life in prison without parole.